Thursday, 11 February 2016

Having fun in the Trick Eye Museum, Phuket Town

For people who like to take selfies or make funny pictures, the Trick Eye Museum in Phuket Town is an excellent visit. Next to the funny displays, there is always staff available to help you taking the best possible picture, they even do is with your camera you while you stand in the decor.

Below you find some examples of E.T. , paintings, paragliding, TV special effects, sports cars, magazine covers and movies. Have fun.

Voor mensen die graag selfies maken of grappige foto's, is het Trick Eye Museum in Phuket Town een uitstekend bezoek. Naast grappige decors helpt het personeel u de best mogelijke foto's te maken. Zij doen dit zelfs met uw camera wanneer jij in het decor staat. 

Hieronder vind je enkele voorbeelden van E.T., schilderijen, paragliden, TV speciale effecten, sportwagens, magazine covers en films. Veel plezier. 
Trick Eye Museum ET

Trick Eye Museum painting

Trick Eye Museum van Gogh

Trick Eye Museum breugel

Trick Eye Museum rain

Trick Eye Museum digital effects

Trick Eye Museum car

Trick Eye Museum paragliding

Trick Eye Museum sushi

Trick Eye Museum transformers

Trick Eye Museum shopping

Trick Eye Museum elephant

Trick Eye Museum wings

Trick Eye Museum waterfal

Trick Eye Museum jumping

Trick Eye Museum motorcycle

Trick Eye Museum tiger

Trick Eye Museum terrace

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  1. Oh my gosh, these were just totally fun, and I have to go back and view them all again! Inspiration for my next art project. E.T. phone home, is probably my favorite of them all!

  2. Dit is echt geweldig hoor, de mogelijkheden zijn onbegrensd.

  3. Oh, my gosh - how funny! Your expressions are priceless.

  4. Magnificas y simpáticas fotografías.

    Un saludo desde Salamanca.

  5. these are very fun, great job

  6. What a brilliant museum! And wonderfully fun shots.

  7. Seems like a lot of places got this trick eyes museum. The pics looks so cute !

  8. That looks like a whole heap of fun. I giggled all the way through. What a great idea for a museum.

  9. That is very amusing, and I bet heaps of fun.
    Still smiling :)

  10. Such a great experience and a lot of really funny photos. Amazing !
    Have a wonderful weekend, Filip and Kristel.
    Best, Synnöve

  11. So much fun Filip, looks like you two had a brilliant time. Loved every shot!

  12. I love your photo where You look like Angel awww

  13. I enjoyed that so much! What a fun place. Janey

  14. Hih ... these are fantastic photos. What a grazy place to take selfies, love a very lot.

  15. wat een bijzonder leuk idee voor een museum. Heel leuke foto's houden jullie er aan over.

  16. haha zo tof!!! wist niet dat jij een engeltje was
    en Kristel zit op het allermooiste terrasje
    E.T. is dan weer zo heel schattig :-)

  17. Er staat ook een Trick Eye Museum in Seoul, Zuid-Korea