Thursday, 25 May 2017

The abbey of Mont Saint-Michel

This island has already an abbey since the 7th century. It has been built up in phases around burial grounds of thousands of years old. You could compare the abbey with a castle or church but once you discover the site, you find yourselves in a maze of rooms, halls, corridors, staircases, towers...

Ensure you have enough time to visit the abbey because you will have to walk for a few kilometers. It is most likely one of the biggest religious buildings we ever visited and you don't realise it before you enter. We assume this is the case because there are so many floors. Don't miss this when you visit the island.

Dit eiland heeft reeds een abdij sinds de 7de eeuw. Het werd opgebouwd in fases rond een begraafplaats van duizenden jaren oud. Je kan de abdij vergelijken met een kasteel of kerk, maar van zodra je de site ontdekt, bevind je jezelf in een doolhof van kamers, hallen, gangen, trappen, torens.... 

Zorg dat je genoeg tijd voorziet de abdij te bezoeken want je zal enkele kilometers moeten wandelen. Het is waarschijnlijk het grootste religieuze gebouw dat we ooit hebben bezocht, maar je realiseert dit niet voor je binnen gaat. We denken dat dit door het groot aantal verdiepingen komt. Zorg dat je dit zeker niet overslaat wanneer je het eiland bezoekt. 
Abbey Mont Saint-Michel selfie

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel top

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel from city

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel stairs

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel inside walls

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel tower

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel tower

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel sea

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel church

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel inside

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel gallery

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel art

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel mill

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel beach house

Abbey Mont Saint-Michel hiker

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  1. So this huge castle is actually an Abbey! And of course there would be no religious order living there now, only for tourists? You have really conveyed the enormous size of it!! HUGE! It also makes me think that most monks like to live in near poverty and very simply; the opposite of this! But of course they likely needed protection. I love the shots from above looking downward. I find this so interesting that I am going to Google it!

  2. It was turned into a jail for awhile! And apparently there are monks there at times, as I read this : Since 2001, the Benedictine monks have been replaced by some from the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem, originally from Saint-Gervais' Church in Paris.

  3. You hardly realize the size of this until you look at the buildings around the lower levels. Looks like an incredible place to visit.

  4. That is a lot of greatness in that Architecture.

  5. dit roept voor mij leuke herinneringen op

    knappe foto's !

  6. dit is geweldig mooi wat moet dit een belevenis zijn om daar te kunnen lopen

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  8. Someday I do hope to see it too!