Friday, 25 March 2011

Swinging World Trophy 2011 in Steenwijk

The NADB competition in Steenwijk is always a long drive for us. However we are pleased that we decided to go to this event organised by Cor van der Stroet. We won the D-class standard. This is our second competition in the D-class that we win. Our teacher, Michele Lak was supporting us and giving some points for improvement after each round. It was a very good day for the Love2Move team. The 5 participating couples all made the finals.

De NADB competitie in Steenwijk is altijd een lange rit voor ons, maar we zijn blij dat we deelgenomen hebben aan deze wedstrijd georganiseerd door Cor van der Stroet. We hebben uiteindelijk de D-klasse standaard gewonnen. Dit is de 2de competitie die we winnen in deze klasse. Onze lerares, Michele Lak was aanwezig en gaf na iedere ronde tips voor verbetering. Het werd een goede dag voor het Love2Move team. Alle 5 deelnemende paren bereikten de finales.

Video Final Hoofdklasse

Video Final A-Class

Video Semi-Final D-Class

Video Final D-Class

Full result: NADB Swinging World Trophy 2011 - Result D-class
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  1. Two words.. Beautiful and Graceful!

  2. Filip, I am so glad you came by to say hello and leave a comment on my blog. I have lost the link to your blog so I could not visit you for a while. Now I have added you to my favorite link list so I won't loose sight of you again hehe.. LOVE the videos and congrats on winning the well deserved award for the D-class standard. You and your partner dance so gracefully. I love her dress, she looks absolutely stunning!