Monday, 27 June 2011

Tessa and Tommie playing with a bone

It was a while ago but here is the new video of Tessa and Tommie playing with a bone. She is now 8 months old.

Het was een tijdje geleden maar hier is de nieuwe video van Tessa en Tommie die met een groot been spelen. Zij is nu 8 maand oud.

Tessa Golden Retriever 8 months

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  1. They both look very content with what they are doing.

  2. How sweet!

    Aloha from Waikiki

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  3. I just read your last seven posts. I enjoyed the views in Munich and Delf. Your dogs are so sweet looking. They like to chew on their stick! You asked if I spend a lot of time on my posts – not really. I write a post only once a week or 5 days. It takes me several hours for the research and pictures and then I publish it. It takes me longer frankly to go and read all the posts of my blogging friends, but I enjoy that very much.

  4. oh, they are so cute and having so much fun.