Sunday, 1 February 2015

Monthly blog report and Top Commentators January 2015

The first month of 2015 is already behind us, time flies when you are having fun or a lot of work. While you are reading the summary of the month, we are dancing a world ranking competition in Antwerp. In January we reached our highest world ranking position in the WDSF Senior I standard: place 76. Let’s hope we can stay around this position the coming months.

Collages of Singapore, Thailand and Colombia were added below. In total we published 19 articles from Colombia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, The Netherlands and Spain. More diverse than previous months, something we enjoy. We end with a list of our most frequent commentators.

De eerste maand van 2015 is reeds voorbij, de tijd vliegt als je plezier en veel werk hebt. Terwijl jullie deze samenvatting lezen dansen wij een wereld ranking competitie in Antwerpen. Deze maand bereikten we onze hoogste WDSF Senior I, ranking positie ooit: de 76ste plaats. Laat ons hopen dat we dit kunnen handhaven de komende maanden. 

Hier bijgevoegd vind je collages van Singapore, Thailand en Colombia. In totaal publiceerden we 19 artikelen over Colombia, Maleisië, Thailand, Singapore, Nederland en Spanje. Meer divers dan voorgaande maanden, iets waar we van houden. We eindigen met een lijst van de Top Commentators. 

Top 15 Commentators of January 2015:
Nr. 1. - 19 comments - Cobie en Bas van Es   
Nr. 1. - 19 comments - Whiteangel
Nr. 3. - 18 comments - Ginny
Nr. 4. - 17 comments - Adam
Nr. 4.-  17 comments - mijnnikonenik
Nr. 6. - 14 comments - dith
Nr. 7. - 13 comments - Karen S.
Nr. 7.-  13 comments - orvokki
Nr. 7.-  13 comments - TexWisGirl     
Nr.10. -12 comments - diane b 
Nr.10.- 12 comments - fotorantje
Nr.10.- 12 comments - willy
Nr.13.-  9 comments - Darlin
Nr.13.-  9 comments - Rosemary
Collage Singapore

Collage Cartagena

Colllage Phuket

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  1. I hope you win the competition you are in now. You continue to get better! I adore all those bells and the yellow building.

  2. I hope you'll had a great January

  3. Good luck in the competition or am I supposed to say, "Break a leg." An English saying meaning Good Luck without saying the words because there is a superstition believing it is bad luck to say the words "Good Luck". Go figure????

  4. I hope you will go on in the competition, good luck.
    Lovely collages again.
    Have a happy and lucky new month.

  5. wat mooi om z.on mooie collage van januari te kunnen maken.

  6. It's Tuesday the 3rd as I type and I don't know if you are still dancing :)
    Nice to see the collages, I always look forward to them each month.

  7. Yes, how times Flies ! Enjoy your visits around the world !

  8. hopelijk is het goed gegaan met de danswedstrijd

  9. Another great series. Best of luck in your competitions.

  10. Love this shot of Phuket. What a beautiful place. So wonderful to continue doing your collages and recognition of your followers ( I was about to spell that Phollowers) Getting carried away on my spelling.

  11. leuk deze maand samenvatting Filip en fijn dat het met het dansen zo goed gaat. Groetjes, Dietmut