Friday, 28 July 2017

Windows to the trains at Budapest Central Station

Most people arrive in a big city by train and we were expecting more visitors in the Central Station. It was however a Sunday so less professional commuters. In the morning it was rather cold so we had to carry our jacket. Its early afternoon now and most clouds are chased away.

The Central Station has a fascinating two colored facade with many statues. Both left and right in yellow simple construction but in the middle superb architecture with enormous glass surfaces. Windows are curved and decorated with metal art work. The inside of the station holds a huge hall were the trains arrive.

In een grootstad arriveren de meeste mensen per trein dus hadden we meer reizigers in het station verwacht. Het was echter zondag, dus minder huis werk pendelaars. 'S morgens was het nog koud dus moesten we ons jasje dragen. Nu, in de vroege namiddag zijn de meest wolken weggejaagd. 

Het Centraal Station heeft een fascinerende twee kleurige gevel met veel beeldhouwwerken. Zowel links en rechts een eenvoudige gele constructie maar in het midden een super architecturaal hoogstandje met enorme oppervlaktes glaswerk. De ramen zijn gebogen en versierd met metaal kunstwerk. Binnen in het station is er één grote hal waar de treinen aankomen. 
Central Station Budapest

Central Station Budapest statues

Central Station Budapest

Central Station Budapest clock

Central Station Budapest windows

Central Station Budapest metal art

Central Station Budapest train hall

Central Station Budapest stairs

Central Station Budapest entry

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  1. Ik houd van zulke prachtige gebouwen, wat is dit mooi.

  2. I love the yellow on each side, and the metal birds atop the entrance.

  3. Mooie foto's van dit station dat toch wel iets heeft. Het roep in elk geval herinneringen op.

  4. een prachtig stationsgebouw Filip


  5. Budapest is the city where every leisure traveler want to go and they all have a lust to explore this city with all comfort and fun. This Railway station is one of the most beautiful places of Budapest. The architecture of the building is itself says much, the artisans who build this marvelous structure were of fine class. Mostly people get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of this place. Thanks for sharing this post.

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  6. Budapest Central Station has similarities to Sydney Central Station- maybe they were both built in the same era. They don't make them like this any more.

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