Monday, 10 July 2017

Punta Vicente Roca zodiac excursion, Isabela Island, Galapagos

After lunch, we arrived at Punta Vicente Roca with the Celebrity Expedition. The zodiac boats are prepared and are lowered into the rough sea. For people sensitive to motion sickness, medication is required. Let the adventure begin.

The first part to reach the mountain wall was a bumpy ride. I was already regretting bringing my non waterproof camera. Luckily the equipment survived. We took some nice pictures of the waves breaking against the rocks, seals, nazca boobies and even a penguin.

Na de lunch kwamen we aan met de Celebrity Expedition bij Punta Vicente Roca. Zodiac bootjes werden voorbereid en neergelaten in de ruwe zee. Voor mensen met bewegingsziekte is dit geen eenvoudige trip, medicatie is noodzakelijk. Laat het avontuur beginnen. 

Het eerste deel naar de rotsformaties was heel ruw. Ik vreesde reeds voor mijn niet water bestendige camera. Gelukkig werd het foto materiaal niet beschadigd. We namen enkele mooie foto's van brekende golven, zeehonden, nazca boobies en zelf een pinguïn.
Punta Vicente Roca

Punta Vicente Roca zodiac

Punta Vicente Roca zodiac lowering

Punta Vicente Roca zodiac

Punta Vicente Roca Kristel

Punta Vicente Roca view

Punta Vicente Roca frigate

Punta Vicente Roca seal

Punta Vicente Roca breaking waves

Punta Vicente Roca mountains

Punta Vicente Roca seal

Punta Vicente Roca rough sea

Punta Vicente Roca bird

Punta Vicente Roca penguin

Punta Vicente Roca views

Punta Vicente Roca nasca boobie

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  1. Looks like you captured a Frigate Bird? The pirate birds of the sea. My favorite is the Booby. But what a choppy and frightening adventure. You guys are not scared of anything! And so it should be.

  2. What a ultimate photography you shared. It really looks so beautiful place and nature of that place. Thanks for sharing it.
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  3. je moet er wat voor over hebben ..

    knappe foto's Filip


  4. Ik weet niet of ik mij confortabel zou voelen op de boot, jullie blijkbaar wel. Mooie foto's van de dieren.

  5. even bijgekeken, de prachtigste reizen blijven hier komen


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