Monday, 17 January 2011

Dens Gala 2011, Videos Championship Class Ballroom

The Championship class final was excellent. The organisation had foreseen a presentation of each couple with an introduction dance. This is an event I would recommend for next year. Below you find a video of the introduction dance of all couples in the Championship class Final. The second video shows the winners, Marcello Nencini and Tessa De Jongh.

De Hoofdklasse finale was uitstekend. De organisator gaf een voorstelling van alle finale paren met een introductie dans. Deze wedstrijd kan ik zeker aanbevelen voor volgend jaar. Hieronder vind je een video van alle paren in de introductie dans van de finale hoofdklasse. De tweede video toont de winnaars, Marcello Nencini en Tessa De Jongh.

Introduction Dance

Video of the winners

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  1. I just had to visit when I saw the comment you made on my blog. I'm glad you have video's posted. The dancing is very smooth and graceful.

    Before my wife and I got married we took dancing lessons. She did great, I just didn't "have the move" necessary to do very good but I gained appreciation for the talent and hard work that it takes real dancers to perform at the level they do.