Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Love2Move in NADB competition Oldenzaal, 2010 (Video)

We had fun in Oldenzaal. Together with the Love2Move team from Herman and Michèle Lak, we started our first competition of the season. Below you see the video of most of the Love2Move adult couples in the competition.

We hebben plezier gehad in Oldenzaal. Samen met het Love2Move team van Herman en Michèle Lak, zijn we onze eerste competitie van het seizoen gestart. Hieronder zie je een video van de Love2Move teamleden in de competitie.

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  1. Filip: Thanks for the visit. I do enjoy the dance video and always watch "Dancing with the Stars" where the celebrates try to learn these dances.

  2. thanks ! i enjoy to see you dancing ! succes !

  3. Great performance! Great experience seeing this vid!