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Blog report and top blog commentators for the month December 2012

This month we had a bit more traffic than in November although we could not blog that much. Many articles were already scheduled. The first three weeks of December we were travelling in Florida and the Caribbean. We were on two different ships on which we didn’t even connect to the internet while being on sea.

Some people from the blog community but also from real life, ask us, are you travelling all the time? The answer is no. We travel frequently for work and pleasure and gather a lot of pictures and information on these trips. Our Caribbean and Florida adventure lasted 5 weeks and we will write about it for 3 months. So you know what to expect during January and February: a lot of sun, beaches and some cruising articles.

This month we wrote about seven countries: Antigua, Barbados, Dutch Antilles, Grenada, St. Lucia, US Virgin Islands and the USA. It is the first time that we didn’t write one article about our own continent Europe this month. We received around 18.000 hits on our blog and 581 comments from 100 different readers. A big thank you to all our followers and commentators, below you find a link to our most active readers. Like every month we have added two collages of recent published travel experiences.

Deze maand hadden we iets meer bezoeken op de blog als in november alhoewel we niet zo actief waren. Vele artikelen werden vooraf ingepland. De eerste drie weken van december reisden we in Florida en het Caribisch gebied. Tevens waren we op twee verschillende cruise schepen en hebben niet aangelogd op het internet toen we op zee waren. 

Sommige mensen uit de bloggemeenschap en ook het echte leven, vragen ons, reizen jullie voortdurend? Het antwoord is neen. We reizen regelmatig voor het werk en vakanties, en dan nemen we vele foto’s en verzamelen informatie. Ons Caribisch en Florida avontuur duurde 5 weken en hier gaan we ongeveer drie maanden over publiceren. Je weet dus wat te verwachten in januari en februari: veel zon, strand en enkele cruise verslagen. 

Deze maand schreven we over zeven landen: Antigua, Barbados, de Nederlandse Antillen, Grenada, St. Lucia, de Maagden Eilanden en de Verenigde Staten. Dit is de eerste maand dat we geen enkel artikel schreven over ons eigen continent Europa. We kregen ongeveer 18.000 bezoeken op onze blog en 581 commentaren van 100 verschillende lezers. Hartelijk dank aan onze volgers en commentators. Zoals iedere maand publiceren we nog twee collages van onze laatste reiservaringen. 

Top 15 Commentators of December 2012: 
Nr. 1. - 29 comments - Ginny
Nr. 1. - 29 comments - Lies
Nr. 3. - 27 comments - dith
Nr. 4. - 26 comments - mijnnikonenik
Nr. 5. - 25 comments - Jeanne
Nr. 6. - 21 comments - willy  
Nr. 7. - 20 comments - avcr8teur
Nr. 8. - 18 comments - Jana
Nr. 8. - 18 comments - Adam  
Nr.10. -17 comments - fotorantje   
Nr.11.- 16 comments - orvokki
Nr.12. -15 comments - Red Nomad Oz
Nr.13.- 14 comments - Cloudia
Nr.13.- 14 comments - Karen S.
Nr.15.- 13 comments - Rosemary
Collage December 2012

Collage December 2012

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  1. Hooray for a wonderful year it has been too. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you both again this new 2013, can't even believe that's here already! Wow. I sure enjoy being amazed and graced by your lovely photos and stories! A most happy new year to you both too! - Karen S.

  2. Laat maar komen, Filip, zon, zee en vakantie ! Je blogcijfers liegen niet ! Je blog is héél populair, proficiat !

  3. Hello!
    Fantastic summary of the 2012!
    Wonderful travel experience wonderful New Year!
    I cordially greet.

  4. What a GREAT idea, kind of a New Years best of collage! I think I my steal your idea sometime! Happy New Year!

  5. fantastisch 2013 Filip en Kristel! dat jullie ook dit jaar inspirerende en mooie reizen mogen maken, met een valies vol vriendschap en liefde!

  6. Great collages! I do the same when I'm travelling - try to schedule posts in advance so that I can just enjoy the experience rather than be looking for an internet connection every day. ;-)

  7. Congrats to the top commenter...
    Happy new year to you and your family..

  8. Nice and beautiful gollages.

    You have really earned that great number of visitors. Your blog is an interesting and truly global.

    And I'm proud to be able to read it.

  9. I like your monthly update collages - such variety and colour! Happy New Year!!

  10. You have done some lovely collages here Filip. So much to look at. It looks as though you and kristel went on the zipline! That is something that I have never tried, but heard it is so fun. Seems that something else is always more inviting to me,and I miss it. Your trip looks just wonderful

  11. weer een mooie verscheidenheid aan foto's en leuke berichten. Nog 2 maanden zon, zee en interessante dingen van jullie cruise, hoe hou ik dat vol?? Nee grapje, ik verheug mij op je berichten Filip. Leuk om te lezen hoe jullie alles ervaren en wat jullie beleven. Lieve groeten, Dietmut

  12. I love this post, you are so wise, I don't really.
    I think I'm still trying to find that 'purpose that's higher than myself' - I loved that line incidentally.
    ballet classes in orange county