Sunday, 4 July 2010

IDSF danceComp 2010, Wuppertal

This weekend we danced our second IDSF competition in the historical town hall of Wuppertal. We did not get any markings but were pleased with our performance in the redance round in which all 5 dances were up to the level we would like to achieve. In total 158 couples participated in the adults standard that was won by Benedetto Ferruggia and Claudia Köhler from Germany, the current World Champions. It was a pity we missed the final that was planned around 2:30 in the night but we also enjoyed the fantastic final of the youth standard. This is a fantastic venue and if you have the possibility you should participate here.

Dit weekend hebben we onze 2de IDSF competitie gedanst in het historische stadhuis van Wuppertal. We kregen geen crossen van de jury, maar we waren tevreden met ons dansniveau in alle 5 dansen in de herkansingsronde. In totaal deden er 158 paren mee in de adults standard dat werd gewonnen door Benedetto Ferruggia en Claudia Köhler van Duitsland, de huidige Wereldkampioenen. Het was spijtig dat we de finale hebben gemist die gepland was om 2:30 's nachts maar we hebben toch volop genoten van de finale Youth standard. Dit is een fantastische locatie en als je de kans ziet moet je hier zeker meedoen.

Result of the final IDSF Youth Standard:
1. Rares Soponar / Alice Rusznyak (882) - Romania
2. Michelangelo Longo / Maria Luisa Longo (870) - Italy
3. Jannick Pedersen / Charlotte Christiansen (855) - Denmark
4. Paslariu Vlad / Pop Eszter (897) - Romania
5. Alex Gerlein / Karolina Bauer (852) - Germany
6. Leonid Akulenko / Anna Lozhkina (871) - Russia

Video Waltz

Video Tango

Video Slowfox

Video Quickstep

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  1. amazing town hall!
    looks like fun the dancing:)