Sunday, 15 November 2015

Mai Khao Beach and Sirinat National Park, Phuket

Mai Khao Beach is a protected beach of 11 km long and is part of the Sirinat National Park. We were hoping to encounter sea turtles on this beach but didn't see any. Probably the wrong season. Our second goal was to walk to the airport to spot landing planes. This was however such a long walk in the uneven dry sand that we gave up.

Mai Khao Beach is however a very nice beach to relax and go for a walk. Since there are only a few hotels, there are almost no tourists. There are still some ruins of houses and flats destroyed by the 2004 tsunami which hit the island.

The waves and current are extremely strong and you need to be cautions when entering the sea. Ensure you are not alone and stay in shallow water. We took some great pictures of a local fisherman and an eagle. This must be our best bird picture ever.

Mai Khao is een beschermd strand van 11 km lang en maakt deel uit van Sirinat National Park. We keken uit enkele zeeschildpadden te zien maar hadden pech. Waarschijnlijk het verkeerde seizoen. Ons tweede doel was naar de luchthaven te wandelen om landende vliegtuigen van dichtbij te spotten. Dit was echter zo'n lange wandeling op het droge oneven zand dat we het opgaven.

Mai Khao Beach is echter een heel mooi strand om te ontspannen en te wandelen. Daar er slechts enkele hotels zijn, zie je hier bijna geen toeristen. Er staan wel nog enkele overblijfselen van huizen en gebouwen die vernietigd geweest zijn door de tsunami van 2004. 

De golven en stromingen zijn extreem sterk dus pas goed op als je in de zee gaat. Ga nooit alleen in het water en blijf altijd op plaatsen waar je nog de bodem kan voelen. We namen enkele foto's van een lokale visserman en een arend. Dit is met zekerheid onze mooiste vogelfoto ooit. 
Mai Khao Beach fisher

Mai Khao Beach green

Mai Khao Beach couple

Mai Khao Beach fisher

Mai Khao Beach waves

Mai Khao Beach eagle

Mai Khao Beach eagle

Mai Khao Beach sand

Mai Khao Beach trees

Mai Khao Beach hotel

Mai Khao Beach local shop

Mai Khao Beach swimming pool

Mai Khao Beach cocos

Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach boat

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  1. Prachtige foto's Filip, de eerste van de arend, is er eentje meteen gouden randje hoor.

  2. The sea looks wonderful - birds are so difficult to capture, you have done well

  3. mooi en vredig nu
    en zeker een topfoto van vogel in de vlucht

  4. Hi Filip, We're in the process of moving our blogspot over to a wordress platform. Please come take a look and tell me what you think. We're still working out the kinks and learning a new system so all feedback is much appreciated. Monica:

  5. Looks like a nice place to be !

  6. Sweet

    ALOHA, Friend


  7. that's a great looking beach

  8. Nice beach, always good to capture the waves.
    Good shot of the eagle soring in the sky...well done.

  9. prachtig, in volle vlucht Filip..

    prettige dag

  10. Beautiful pics and scenery! I love to go back to Phuket again!

  11. looks like a beautiful beach, i live only 10 minutes from the ocean on the east coast. very cool to capture a bald eagle, i have never been that close except in a zoo!!!

  12. Lovely shots - I really like the bird in the sky!

  13. Sure is a beautiful beach and tropical Island

  14. Such an amazing place to be , and your photos are great. Can see why you might have given up on a long walk in the sand though . fun going, but then you have to come back too