Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Blog Report and Top Commentators of May 2015

We blogged a bit more active during the month May and wrote a total of 20 articles covering subjects in Belgium, Malta, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. All tough we travel less for pleasure, the number of business trips was a lot higher. Our collages cover Kuala Lumpur, Malta, London and Phuket. It is always fun to do something creative with your pictures.

Traffic on the blog went down to about 1.300 visits a day. I am going to put in extra efforts this month and hope to see a positive impact in June. Like every Top Commentator article we are publishing a list of the top 15 commentators with a link to their website. Thanks for visiting us.

We hebben iets actiever geblogd deze maand en schreven in totaliteit 20 artikelen over onderwerpen in België, Malta, Maleisië, Thailand, Spanje, Groot-Brittannië en Nederland. Alhoewel we minder reisden voor ons plezier, was het aantal zakenreizen veel hoger. Onze collages tonen foto’s van Kuala Lumpur, Malta, Londen en Phuket. Het is altijd leuk iets creatief met je foto’s te ondernemen. 

Het verkeer op onze blog zakte tot ongeveer 1.300 bezoekers per dag. Met wat extra inzet deze maand hopen wij een positieve impact te zien in juni. Zoals ieder Top Commentator artikel publiceren we een lijst van de 15 meest actieve bezoekers op onze blog met een link naar hun website. Hartelijk dank voor ons te bezoeken. 

Top 15 Commentators of May 2015:
Nr. 1. - 23 comments - Whiteangel
Nr. 2.-  17 comments - mijnnikonenik
Nr. 3. - 14 comments - Ginny
Nr. 3. - 14 comments - fotorantje
Nr. 5. - 12 comments - Karen S.
Nr. 5. - 12 comments - Cobie en Bas van Es     
Nr. 7.-  11 comments - orvokki
Nr. 8.-  10 comments - willy
Nr. 9.-    9 comments - Rosemary
Nr.10 -   7 comments - ChrisAu
Nr.10. -  7 comments - Linda       
Nr.12.-   7 comments - TexWisGirl      
Nr.13. -  6 comments - Small Kuchen    
Nr.13. -  6 comments - The Yum List
Nr.13.-   6 comments - Fotografie54
Nr.13.-   6 comments - Wong Ching Wah
Collage Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

Collage London Malta
London - Malta

Collage Phuket

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  1. Een serie foto's om van te genieten Filip, mooi hoor.

  2. Nice pixs there and keep posting! :)

  3. Nice collages.
    And I can see, I'm in the list gain... :)
    You have still a big trafic in your blogger, but I can understan it very well.

  4. Ah this is my favorite part, as you always highlight the photos I really liked, (as a rule) and it's cool seeing them again! Especially that beach! Wow. Great place to visit.

  5. You guys certainly have taken us on a tour around the world this month!

  6. Great collages once again. Always enjoy your photos, i like to see where you've been. You and Kristel do take us all to many places in this world. If same place always a different photo..

  7. Keep up the good work. I'm in LA baby sitting so blogging is on hold until I return to oz.

  8. Verdorie ja de maand is alweer om! Mooie collages en prachtige foto's van Kristel.

  9. always love seeing your collages of the amazing places you visit. Saw a roller coaster recently that you would enjoy

  10. wat een prachtige collage,s

  11. Well, I didn't make the list. ..but I enjoy your beautiful posts. janey