Wednesday, 10 June 2015

St. John's cathedral and the KL Television Tower, Kuala Lumpur

This is a very young church of only sixty years. In warm countries you find white churches like this, something you almost don't see in Europe. Until now we visited white churches in Ecuador, Singapore, the Caribbean and Malaysia. It is even more special to see a white church in a Muslim country.

Wood instead of stone or concrete, this is the main element of the construction. How simple can it be, compared to the modern world of the television tower in the background. They seem to be in harmony, a wooden construction and modern architecture. The reality is however different, the television tower is 421 meters tall and the church is small. Two extremes coming together.

Dit is een heel jonge kerk van maar 60 jaar. In warme landen vind je witte kerke zoals deze, iets wat we bijna niet zien in Europa. Tot nu toe hebben zo'n kerken bezocht in Ecuador, Singapore, de Caribbean en Maleisië. Het is zelf nog unieker om een witte kerk te zien in een moslimland. 

Hout in plaats van stenen en beton, het hoofdelement van de constructie. Hoe simpel kan het zijn in vergelijking met de moderne wereld van de televisietoren op de achtergrond. Ze lijken in harmonie, het houten bouwwerk en de moderne architectuur. De realiteit is echter anders, de televisietoren is 421m hoog en de kerk is klein. Twee extremen samen. 
St. Johns cathedral KL tower

St. Johns cathedral KL TV tower

St. Johns cathedral KL chapel

St. Johns cathedral KL

St. Johns cathedral KL ship

St. Johns cathedral KL ship

St. Johns cathedral KL altar

St. Johns cathedral KL fire glass

St. Johns cathedral KL stained glass

St. Johns cathedral KL Our Lady

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  1. hoog of laag, de relativiteit der dingen Filip

    knappe interieurfoto's


  2. De kerk en toren, vormen toch wel een groot contrast hoor Filip.

  3. I prefer historical, ancient churches, but you have caught the colour in the stained glass windows perfectly

  4. It's lovely regardless what it's built of. Good photo with the tower and the church tower. Just shows us how it is. There are a few white churches small ones scattered throughout Australia.

  5. Lovely photos, it does look like a storm is moving in.

  6. Very nice photos. I like churches which look like the ones I knew as a child, or similar to. It seems more churches are becoming trendy and the old wooden benches are being replaced with folding chairs... or maybe that's just the church's I've been to lately and there haven't been many. I love the stained glass, so very beautiful!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  7. I forgot to mention, downtown Minneapolis has a lot of the same thing, old standing tall and true with some new modern building built right next door!

  8. een prachtig klein modern kerkje.