Friday, 12 June 2015

Modern Pavilion Shopping Center, Bukit Bintang, KL

This must be the Walhalla of shopping centers. Modern, super appearance, top architecture, appealing billboards, clean, there are just not enough words to describe this shopping arena. It shows that Southeast Asia is developing at a much faster pace as Europe. We are no longer building such huge quality retail stores.

Kristel just loves to explore such stores, try on dresses, and buy a few. Enter every shoe shop and quickly pass by the electronics stores to which I am drawn to. In the mall there is a area called Tokyo Street which is a collection of small restaurants and bars. Good for a quick snack.

The Bukin Bintang district of Kuala Lumpur is known for its shopping and entertainment. We really recommend you to visit the Pavilion Tower. Careful not to buy too much.

Dit moet wel het Walhalla zijn van de winkelcentra. Modern, super uitstraling, top architectuur, aantrekkelijke reclameborden, proper, er zijn gewoon niet genoeg lovende woorden om deze winkelarena te beschrijven. Het toont aan dat Zuidoost Azië veel sneller ontwikkelt als Europa. Bij ons worden zo geen grote kwaliteitsvolle projecten meer opgestart.

Kristel houdt er gewoon van zo'n winkels te ontdekken, het passen van jurkjes en er enkele kopen. Aan iedere schoenwinkel wordt er binnen gegaan om daarna snel voorbij de elektronica shops langs te lopen, waar ik me toe aangetrokken voel. Er is een stukje dat Tokyo Street noemt, bestaande uit vele kleine restaurants en bars. Goed voor een snelle hap. 

Het Bukin Bintang district in Kuala Lumpur staat gekend voor winkelen en zijn uitgangsleven. We raden ten sterkste aan de Pavilion Toren te bezoeken. Opgelet dat je niet te veel aankoopt. 
Pavillion shopping KL bukit Bintang

Pavillion shopping KL swatch tunnel

Pavillion shopping KL modern architecture

Pavillion shopping KL fountain ultraman

Pavillion shopping KL modern wall

Pavillion shopping KL swarovski

Pavillion shopping KL spitsen shop ballet

Pavillion shopping KL Tokyo Street

Pavillion shopping KL restaurants

Pavillion shopping KL Japanese

Pavillion shopping KL puzzles

Pavillion shopping KL clocks

Pavillion shopping KL deep

Pavillion shopping KL atrium

Pavillion shopping KL batman

Pavillion shopping KL make up session

Pavillion shopping KL chanel nr 5

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  1. I wonder if you go your separate ways and then meet up again later.

  2. Looks like quite a mall, and very time consuming if you are following your wife around. A good plan for my husband and I is to synchronize watches and go our separate ways with each of us enjoying our experience more. plan to meet for lunch or coffee or what ever. Great shots

  3. Nice to see something familiar, cheers to bringing that up !

  4. Looks good. Could get lost in there. I would head to the Electronics shops first, then clothes...

  5. Those batman statues are cool, but the two-face one doesn't look like the one from the movie. At least he doesn't look like the actor Aaron Eckhart

  6. Ik ben geen fan van die grote moderne winkelcentra. Ik hou van authentieke winkeltjes en niet van ketens. En het liefst ook in de buitenlucht.

  7. You can spend hours if not days here.

  8. paradijs voor de shoppers, maar niks voor mij
    daar loop je je steendood

  9. Either buy something completely useless, or else it will become desensitized and not buy anything.
    Looks very interesting center.

  10. Incredible! I just adore seeing Batman and his friends out and about too! My hubby and I wore matching Batman shirts this last weekend, we went to my son's house as the Dynamic Duo!

  11. hier kan je weer een tijdje zoet zijn.