Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Top commentators on our blog during January 2012

Thanks to all readers and for writing comments on our articles. This month we had record 464 comments from 83 readers. Like every month we publish the top 10 commentators with a link to their blog. We hope you receive a few more followers via this way.

Hartelijk dank aan onze lezers en voor het schrijven van commentaren op onze blog. Deze maand kregen we 464 commentaren van 83 lezers, een nieuw rekord. Zoals iedere maand publiceren we de lijst van de top 10 commentators met een link naar hun blog. We hopen dat ze via deze weg meer volgers krijgen.

Link to the blogs of my most active readers of January 2012:
Nr. 1. - 35 comments - Jeanne
Nr. 2. - 29 comments - Barb
Nr. 3. - 26 comments - Jana
Nr. 4. - 25 comments - Wong Ching Wah
Nr. 5. - 22 comments - Ginny
Nr. 6. - 21 comments - diane b
Nr. 7. - 18 comments - AVCr8teur
Nr. 8. - 17 comments - Cristien Fotografie
Nr. 9. - 16 comments - Michael and Hanne
Nr.10 - 15 comments - Karin M.
Nr.10 - 15 comments - Liz

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  1. I really like this iniative of yours! thanks/bedankt and happy blogging as Roj always said (in the past):-))

  2. Thank you, Filip!! Often, we don't realize how important comments can be, this makes us more aware of them, and it is fun seeing who does how much!! Also thanks for the e-mail alerting me to this!

  3. We enjoy reading your posts so we keep coming back. Thank you for the list!

  4. Filip! Thank you so much for this recognition and opportunity to be recognized on your blog. Comments are so important in helping know that what you are sharing is meaningful to others! Very nice! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Oh and by the way, really like your button and make is so easy to find you when this is on the sidebar of the blog. Very nice design!

  6. Haha I didn't made it again this time xD

  7. Wat mooi, heb je dit gedaan ik voel me zeer vereerd!
    Jij ook bedankt, groetjes Cristien.

  8. Ohh, i think I am very far away from this ;)
    But this is a nice idea!
    Many greetings and have a nice rest of the week!
    Yvonne & Raphael

  9. Thank you, i enjoyed reading your stories and photography !

  10. Thank you for the exposure. I enjoy travel blogs.