Sunday, 5 February 2012

Little V restaurant – colourful Vietnamese cuisine in Den Haag

We were invited by a colleague and friend for an evening out. He selected the Vietnamese restaurant “Little V” on the Rabbijn Maarsenplein in Den Haag. The interior is very rough with a strange looking ceiling but your attention is drawn to the nice framed pictures and colourful lights. The wooden tables look like they were just cut out of a forest. It certainly matches with the total concept. Since this kitchen is rather new to us, we decided to go for the surprise menu. The food was not spicy as many other Asian kitchens, it was full of colour and spices. I preferred the chicken which was unbelievable. Combining wine with the kitchen is very difficlut. If you like to try it, you have to make reservations because the restaurant is most of the time fully booked.

We waren uitgenodigd door een collega en vriend voor een avondje uit. Hij koos voor het Vietnamese restaurant “Little V” op het Rabbijn Maarsenplein in Den Haag. De inrichting van het en is zeer ruw met een raar plafond, maar je aandacht wordt afgeleid door de mooi ingekaderde foto’s en rode lampen. De houten tafels lijken net uit een bos gehaald, dit past zeker in het totaal concept. Daar deze keuken redelijk nieuw voor ons is, besloten we het verrassingsmenu te kiezen. Het eten was niet pikant in vergelijking met andere Aziatische keukens, het was wel kleurrijk en bevatte vele kruiden. Persoonlijk vond ik de kip het allerbeste. Het combineren van deze keuken met wijn is zeer moeilijk. Als je dit restaurant wil uitproberen, moet je reserveren. Meestal zijn ze volgeboekt.

Little V
Little V
Little V
Little VStarter to share – spring roll with shrimps, meatball with leaves, roll of fresh vegetables
Voorgerecht te delen – loempia met garnalen, gehaktbal in blad, rollade van verse groenten

Little VA soup with vegetables, beef and a spicy sauce to flavour it
Een soep met groenten, rundsvlees, en een pikante saus voor ze bij te kleuren

Little VChicken, Fish, beef and rice plates
Kip, vis, runds en rijst schotels

Little VA pineapple salad with mint and cocos sauce
Een ananas salade met munt en kokos saus

Little VA flan caramel

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  1. This is a very special place. And food is exotic but probably very delicious. I love how they cooked soup with vegetables. I am sure it taste very good.

    And I was surprised to find my favorite caramel dessert in the last picture.

    Great pictures. I enjoyed them very much.

  2. Ouh, the food looks very exciting, but I don't know, if it tastes good, because I've never eated vietnam-food.
    But the fotos are fine.

    Greetings !

  3. Dat ziet er erg creatief en lekker uit!
    Jammer dat ik het niet kan maakt me nieuwsgierig.
    Ze hebben er heel veel werk van gemaakt om iets bijzonders op
    tafel te zetten.

    Groetjes Cristien.

  4. very colourful indeed, glad u enjoyed your food:-) dont forget to try the thai place in voorburg soon!

  5. very much not my favorite food, but the atmosphere is beautiful. i like the lantern lights.

    thank you for your kind visits and comments!

  6. We have quite a few Vietnamese restaurants locally. Your food looks very similar to here. On cold days, the pho soup noodles are always popular to eat as well as the spring rolls and those are good anytime.

  7. The food is very beautiful! Some of the prettiest I have seen, and the atmosphere looks very nice, too!

  8. I love vietnamese food, however at times prefer not to know exactly what the ingredients are..... this looks lovely though.

  9. I LOVE Vietnamese food. I find that their food is very healthy. Very little oil use and lots of greens. There is a very good Vietnamese restaurant in my neighborhood. When we were having a small apartment in Bangkok, we used to order by phone for Vietnamese food too. Can never have enough of it.

  10. All that looks delicious. Worth going one day.

  11. That salad and Brulee look great! I could make a meal of just that. I like the photo of the wine with the candle behind it.

  12. Oh, it all looks so delicious. I like the Vietnamese food, it is always freshly prepared and very tasty. 2009, I visited Vietnam. For all the food is used, there is little waste.
    Very nice pictures...
    Greeting Karin

  13. Thanks for your post. I’ve been thinking about writing a very comparable post over the last couple of weeks, I’ll probably keep it short and sweet and link to this instead if thats cool. Thanks.

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