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The Mount of Olives, one of the must important places for Jesus and the Jews

Travel article Nr. 8 related to the important historical places in the “Life of Jesus”.

The Mount of Olives was an extremely important place in the life of Jesus. On this hill Jesus came together with the apostles to train them as his followers and spreaders of the word. Sitting on the mount they overlooked Jerusalem and the Temple of David. On the first photo you see the Church of Dominus Flevit built in the form of a tear because at this place Jesus forecasted that the Temple would be destroyed and he cried for it. In those days, the hill was covered with Olive threes. It was also here that Judas betrayed and indentified Jesus by giving him a kiss on the mouth after which he was arrested by Roman soldiers. Instead of Olive threes we now see Jewish graves. Why is this? In our previous article on the Temple Mount we explained that the Jews are waiting for the Messiah. He will come via the valley and make his why to the Golden Gate. This will be the judgement day or the end of days which leads to ever lasting peace. The Jews buried here on the Mount of Olives will be the first to follow the Messiah through the Golden Gate.

De Olijfberg was een uiterst belangrijke plaats in het leven van Jezus. Hier op deze heuvel kwam hij samen met zijn apostelen en vormde hen als volgers en verspreiders van het geloof. Van op deze berg keken ze naar Jeruzalem en de Tempel van David. Op de eerste foto zie je de kerk van Dominus Flevit in de vorm van een traan omdat Jezus hier voorspelde dat de Romeinen de Tempel gingen vernietigen en hij weende. In die tijd stonden hier enkel olijfbomen. Het was ook hier dat Judas verraad pleegde en Jezus aanduidde met een kus op de mond, waarna de Romeinen hem arresteerden. In plaats van bomen zien we nu Joodse graven. Waarom is dit zo? In ons vorig artikel over de Tempelberg schreven we dat de Joden nog wachten op de Messias die langs de vallei zijn weg zal maken naar de Gouden Poort. Die dag is de dag des oordeels of het einde der dagen, wat zal leiden naar eeuwige vrede. De Joden die hier zijn begraven zullen de eerste zijn die Jezus volgen door de Gouden Poort..

Mount of Olives Jerusalem
Mount of Olives Jerusalem

Mount of Olives Jerusalem
Mount of Olives JerusalemOur travel articles related to the important historical places in the “Life of Jesus”:
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  1. i've always wanted to visit that place.

    thanks for sharing this wonderful and so informative post. it was a delight to read.

    beautiful photos!

  2. Beautiful pictures and very interesting information!

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  3. Thanks for the visit. It was so real I could taste the Olives!

  4. So grand constructions, I will be shocked when see them in my own eyes definitely.

  5. It look very arid. I had no idea there were tombstones there too.

  6. Really interesting! Plus beautiful photos!

  7. I love the golden dome in themiddle of those gray blocks on the fourth photo... it stands out really!

  8. When I saw the title, I actually started looking for olives... then you wrote they're actually gone...

  9. Amazing to see this place of burial for so many jews, and the form of the tear in the temple. What history!!! Bet you loved visting here