Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Stone of Unction in the church of the Holy Sepulchre

Travel article Nr. 12 related to the important historical places in the “Life of Jesus”.

In the church you see a replica of the Stone of Unction on which Jesus was laid down after his death in the presence of Mary. The body was cleaned with a sort of oil. This is the 13th station of the Via Dolorosa. The wall paintings in the church are displaying these events from the moment he is taken down from the cross. Many Christians touch the beautiful stone which is a symbol of the preparation process of the body of Jesus before he is taken to his tomb.

In de kerk zie je een replica van de Steen der zalving waarop Jezus lag na zijn dood in het bijzijn van zijn moeder Maria. Het lichaam werd gezalfd met een soort olie. Dit is het 13de station van de Via Delorosa. De muurschilderingen in de kerk tonen duidelijk de gebeurtenissen vanaf de kruisafname. Vele Christenen raken de Steen der Zalving aan die symbool staat voor het voorbereidingsproces van het lichaam vooraleer het naar het graf werd gedragen..

Stone of Unction
Stone of Unction
Stone of Unction
Stone of Unction
Stone of Unction
Stone of Unction
Our travel articles related to the important historical places in the “Life of Jesus”:
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12. The Stone of Unction in the church of the Holy Sepulchre.
13. The Tomb of Jesus and the Resurrection, Church of the Holy Selpuchre.

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  1. I love to take a trip like this someday!

  2. we can go somewhere and think something different in this space. you provide us the same in your post and it is valuable!

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  3. Cannot help to be filled with deep esteem when seeing such great work

  4. Such a lovely and moving post your photos are so stunning...especially how you brought out the last photo...nicely done! ..and thank you for stopping by my blog from time to time. Your comments are always so very nice to read! Thank you!

  5. We see stations every holy week...but seeing the real onemust be something really special!

  6. How many stations are there in all? I thought there are only 7????

  7. Ohhhh...wait a moment, I think there were "seven phrases/words" not seven stations... now i mixed thm up...

  8. Wonderful impressions from this 13th station. The third photo is gorgeous. Beautiful work.

  9. such beautiful church and those wall paintings are really awesome. these colours have some real gold in them.

    thanks for the beautiful you shared with us.

  10. Beautiful pictures!

    Regarding your question...I used to work with cruise ship a long time ago and now me and my expat wife are living in Chennai India.

    I use my old pictures and I still have have my brother working with Norwegian cruise line and he sends me pictures on monthly basis.

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  11. Beautiful story from sailor...:=)