Tuesday, 17 April 2012

7 Super shots competition of HostelBookers, our contribution

One of my blog friends Red Nomad Oz, an experienced traveller from Australia wrote an article about 7 super shots, a competition of HostelBookers. ‘I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots‘.

In this game you are requested to nominate 5 bloggers to participate and add a link to their blog. My nominations are based on the most active commentators of April on my blog and can be found below, I hope they will participate. If any of my other blog commentators would like to participate, please write this in the comments and I will add your blog link to this article. Because HostelBookers is about travelling, we have selected our photo’s a few different countries. I hope you will enjoy this and I am looking forward to see what my blog friends are going to write.

A photo that…takes my breath away
This photo is literally taken our breath away because we just climbed the Great Wall in the surroundings of Beijing, China. One of the world wonders.

A photo that…makes me laugh or smile
A girl posing in Yogi Yogi park in Tokyo, Japan. Young people come to this park on Sundays to get attention and their pictures taken by tourists. It is a kind of colourful competition. Funny people in Yogi Yogi Park.

A photo that…makes me dream
Nature can be fascinating. That’s me, in the Antilope Slot Canyon near Lake Powel, USA. The unlimmted beauty of nature makes me dream away of new explorings.

A photo that…makes me think
Cedar Point in Sandusky, the State of Ohio, USA. Is the best amusement park in the world for Rollercoasters. This is Millenium Force making his way up on the 310 foot high lift hill. Each time when I go up in this coaster, I am thinking: What the hell am I doing here?

A photo that…makes my mouth water
Belgium is the country of good restaurants, in the two star Michelin restaurant Hostelerie St. Nicolas in Elverdinge, we tasted a fabulous pigeon.

A photo that…tells a story
When you get married, you tell the story of your life to your partner. Pictures show how happy you are on this day. Walking through Toronto, I had this fantastic photo opportunity. The architecture in combination with the young maried couple is special.

A photo that…I am most proud of
This photo of the Sheik Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is one of my favourites. I like the interior shot towards the main entrance of the Mosque.

My five blog nominees to participate in the competition:
- Lies at Lies Onderweg
- Barb at Live and Learn
- Dith at een kijkje over de grens
- Jana at Jana around the world
- Ginny at Let Your Light Shine

Blog readers who would like to participate
- jyothisethu at come to kerala

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  1. simply fantastic your shots! thanks for listing me herem I will try my best to participate too:-)))

  2. Hele knappe foto's, Filip,
    en... dankjewel hé !

  3. ...fantastic .... very beautiful pictures ...... holiday feeling ..
    Best regards, Karin

  4. Wonderful first image, my you both have some stamina; the dancing made me do it? Great heights. Yogi Yogi Park, amazing . LOVE Antilope Slot Canyon; I'd love to be inside there; guess you'd have to watch where you put those precious feet of yours! The coaster not quite my cup of tea, in fact I'd want for stronger than that after a ride like this. A wonderful wedding photo. Beautiful perspective in the final image.

  5. Thank you for choosing me as one of the blogs to participate, it will be fun!! It might take me a few days to go through my pictures and find the ones I want, but I will get it done. My favorites here are the canyon and the wedding picture, these two are truly awesome!!!!

  6. fantastic collection...
    each has its element of significance...
    thanks for sharing...
    i would also like to add some of my collections from India...

  7. These are great shots Filip! I especially love the one of you in Antelope Slot canyon. Isn't that an awesome place. I did a photography class last year in that very area. Amazing photos you have posted here. Thank you for sharing these. All excellent!!

  8. I really like the third and last one. Congratulations, an excellent job.

  9. You have been to some interesting places! They will make great memories for your scrapbooks. :) What is that building in Toronto? I really like architecture like that.

  10. Beautiful shots you're sharing, love all of them.

  11. You have traveled immensely ... really like the Antilope Slot Canyon !

  12. Fantastic!! As I was reading through your selections I tried to pick a favourite - but I couldn't! They're all magnificent!! I'm sorry I speak only English - I hope my comment tells you how much I loved this post!!

  13. Wat weer geweldige serie, en o wat weer lekker!
    Groetjes Cristien.

  14. Een heel knappe serie van wereldreizigers!

  15. Hoi Filip,
    Wat zijn dit waanzinnige foto's!! Mooi om jullie zo samen op die hoge trappen te zien. Ook dat chinese meisje staat er heel mooi op. Die laatste twee opnames zijn echt prachtig.

    Groeten, Marco

  16. What great photos! Especially that one in the canyon. So cool!

  17. just have to say aain that the pic from canada is mindblowing! I am happy to have seen some pics of your archive;-))

  18. Your photos all seem to tell a story, Filip. My favorite is Antelope Canyon - I'm going there soon on your recommendation.

  19. You are awesome !! those are really great shots. My most favorite is the shot from Great Wall of China. I will never give up my dream to visit that place someday ... awesome photos !!!


  20. Great photos! The mosque in Abu Dhabi is gorgeous!!

  21. Nice shots. #1 is my favorite. It looks such steep stares.
    Here is my 7 photos

  22. Awesome super shots there. I didn't know great wall of China will require to climb so many steps! I thought it's a plain wall. Planning to go there next year. Do I need to have strong knees?

    Here are my super 7 shots. Have a look and tell me which one is your favorite. :-)

  23. Lovely shots. That last one is wonderful - such a good composition.

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