Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Practicing night shot photography in Istanbul

Since I have an SLR, my night photography is already better than with my compact camera but it still needs to improve. All these pictures have been taken without tripod and sometimes it takes a while for the camera to fix the shot. With a tripod it would all be a lot sharper. Conclusion, this week I bought a tripod and will take it with me on our travels. Kristel is already pulling her eyebrows, again a new toy, what's the next thing.

Let us go back to Istanbul. From which monuments did I take pictures? Well, some of the main attractions like the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the Dolmabahce Palace could not be skipped. We also added impressions of the Bosphorus, the Four Seasons hotel and the Dolmabahce Mosque. We hope you like the coloured fountain in the Sultanahmet Park, it is one of our favourites.

Sinds ik een SLR camera heb gaat mijn nachtfotografie er op vooruit, maar het kan nog veel beter. Al deze foto's werden genomen zonder statief en soms duurt het even vooraleer de camera het beeld vastlegt. Met een statief zou alles scherper zijn. Conclusie: deze week kocht ik een statief dat nu ook wordt meegenomen op onze reizen. Kristel trekt haar wenkbrauwen al op, nog een speeltje, wat is het volgende? 

Maar laten we terug gaan naar Istanboel. Van welke monumenten hebben we foto's genomen? Sommige van de meest beroemde bezienswaardigheden zoals de Blauwe Moskee, de Hagia Sophia en het Dolmabahce Paleis mochten niet ontbreken. We legden ook enkele impressies vast van de bruggen over de Bosphorus rivier, het Four Seasons hotel en de Dolmabahce Moskee. We hopen dat je de gekleurde fontein in het Sultanahmetpark leuk vindt, het is een van onze favoriete foto's in deze reeks.. 
Hagia Sophia by night
Hagia Sophia

Blue Mosque by night
Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque by night
Blue Mosque

Dolmabahce Palace Gate by night
Dolmabahce Palace Gate

Dolmabahce Palace Tower by night
Dolmabahce Palace Tower

Dolmabahce Palace Mosque by night
Dolmabahce Mosque

Bosphorus Bridge by night
Bospohrus Bridge

Four Seasons Hotel by night
Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus

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  1. My night shots are not good at all. I absolutely and especially love your first photo...and the palace gate and 4 seasons hotel are great.

  2. I love the blue window in the mosque and the gorgeous bridge. Excellent night photos!!!!!

  3. Yes those images will see that it is night. It's difficult take good nightphotos, and I think you did it pretty well.

  4. First photo is really great composition I very liked those tonalities.
    Well, photography in the dark is quite difficult thing and your new tripod was a good decision!

  5. Great photos Filip! Good impressions from famous buildings. To use the tripod makes it easier, but be careful. You will need a trolley to carry all your photo equipment :-)

  6. Wow, such beautiful sights and your night shots are awesome! I agree, a tripod is needed, I don't care how steady the hand is, the tripod does nothing but enhance the shot.

  7. These photos are very good for hand held.

  8. en alles zonder statief, goed gedaan Filip.Groetjes Dietmut