Monday, 24 October 2011

Top Ballroom Dancing in The Netherlands - Benelux & Holland Masters

The last two weeks, many of the top dancers of The Netherlands have competed in the WDSF open standard adults of the Holland Masters and the Benelux Championships. The current Dutch Champions Marcello Nencini & Tessa de Jongh won also the Benelux title. It was a great final with the following result:
1. Nr.218 Marcello Nencini & Tessa de Jongh
2. Nr.219 Stefan Ciubotaru & Isolde Vandaele
3. Nr.216 Sebastian Mureddu & Mélissa Ferraro
4. Nr.221 Jan Willem Mostert & Kendra Kraus
5. Nr.211 Sander Kampert & Milou van Grunsven
6. Nr.212 Ciccio Pecoraro & Jasmijn van Jole

Enjoy the video of the Benelux Final.

Next to that we also added a video of the 3rd round of the Holland Masters with Sergei Konovaltsev & Olga Konovaltseva together with many other Dutch couples.

Final Benelux Championships 2011 - Adults Standard

3rd round Holland Masters - Konovaltsev and many Dutch couples

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  1. Just fabulous! I am so glad people still dance like this. I loved the Tango?? one. How did you and Kristel go?

  2. I just watched the video of your beautiful dancing. I so admire you both for your talent!

  3. It is quite wonderful to watch these dances. Everyone danced so beautifully and strongly. How does the ranking you?

    The videos are very clear and they are nice to look at.

  4. What showmanship! I was swaying along to the dancing here in Co (sitting on my sofa, of course...)

  5. I loved when they dance the ballad was some thing very soft and sweet, like a dance in a princess movie, thanks for the videos.