Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Blog report April 2013, the attack of advertising robots

In April, we wrote about five countries: Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the Turkey. Our blog traffic is still going down and we only reached about 13.500 hits this month. Robots are actively leaving advertisements on our blog comment section for dental services, loans, sex services and electronics. It takes two clean-up sessions a day to delete the entries. We received 1.881 comments from 80 different readers, including the robots. Ginny, Jeanne and Lies were again very active on our blog in April. Thanks.

In April, we justed dropped outside the top 500.000 Alexa ranking of all blogs and websites world wide. Like every month we have added collages of recent published travel experiences.

In april hebben we geschreven over 5 landen: België, Duitsland, Nederland, Verenigd Koninkrijk en Turkije. Het aantal bezoeken gaat nog steeds naar beneden en we bereikten slechts 13.500 hits deze maand. De robots waren wel heel actief en lieten vele reclame boodschappen na over tandartsen, leningen, sex diensten en elektronica. Ongeveer twee maal per dag wordt deze spam verwijderd. We kregen 1.881 commentaren van 80 verschillende lezers, inclusief de robots. Ginny, Jeanne en Lies waren weer heel actief op onze blog in april. Hartelijk dank voor dat. 

In april vielen we net uit de top 500.000 van de Alexa wereldranking. Zoals iedere maand hebben we enkele collages toegevoegd van onze recente reiservaringen. 

Top 15 Commentators of April 2013:
Nr. 1. - 30 comments - Ginny
Nr. 2. - 28 comments - Jeanne 
Nr. 3. - 27 comments - Lies
Nr. 4. - 20 comments - Jana
Nr. 5. - 19 comments - Karen S.
Nr. 5. - 19 comments - orvokki
Nr. 7. - 18 comments - Rosemary
Nr. 7. - 18 comments - willy  
Nr. 9. - 17 comments - dith
Nr.10. -15 comments - fotorantje    
Nr.10. -15 comments - Whiteangel  
Nr.12. -14 comments - Adam    
Nr.12.- 14 comments - gootchai
Nr.12.- 14 comments - The Yum List
Nr.15.- 13 comments - Laviolette

Collage Berlin
Collage Berlin - Germany

Collage The Hague Mechelen
Collage The Hague (Netherlands) - Mechelen (Belgium)

Collage Istanbul
Collage Istanbul

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  1. I always like the way you round up the month with your collages - they make a fitting end.
    I have changed my setting to 'Registered Users Only' and the spam and advertising have disappeared. I probably only get one a month now.

  2. Oh... Filip! 13500 a month is quite a number! I believe it is better to have hits of people who are interested than just meaningless clicks! I think your blog is fantastic and I am amazed how you manage to travel so many countries! I love reading your travel advice (that's what it is to me) and to get ideas... Keep going! Christa

  3. Op mijn blogje loopt het kijkcijfer ook terug, Filip...
    Wij blijven (nog steeds) trouw hé !

  4. Hi there, like you I have noticed a slight drop in page visits and visits to the blogs, although considering my lack of posts due to circumstances they are still pleasing. People are certainly commenting less and I think this may also be due to me not doing so on their blogs. It is almost impossible to keep up with the many great blogs I enjoy. There has been an increase in interest in my blogs via Facebook and Google Plus though as people seem to find it easy to keep in touch via these platforms? Spam is minimal thanks to be not allowing anonymous comments.

  5. The purple picture is my favorite, it is just beautiful, like a dream. These are robots....I am getting them for various things, too. But not near as many as you. I am thinking the more popular your blog is, the more you will get, kind of the price of fame. Still, it is too bad. Your blog is so fantastic it deserves to be seen by many, many people.

  6. You have still a very lot of readers here in a month. It's great, but your blog is interesting.
    These gollages are super.
    Very best greetings

  7. Love the collages for sure! But then love all the travels you get to do!

  8. Mooie overzicht collages Filip.
    Leuk dat er ook iets herkenbaar voor mij tussen zit. :-))

  9. Very cool, I always enjoy your recap at the end of a month showing a great amount of your posted photos!

  10. Wonderful collages Filip!
    I like your Blog very much and I like that you share your travels to so many amazing places. I hope you get not tired of that because comments or traffic get less. Blogging should be fun for you and not stress because of statistics!

  11. prachtige collages als afsluiter van de maand..

    lagere kijkcijfers, maar ze blijven bijzonder indrukwekkend


  12. Bravo tu fais superbement les pèles mêles! pas facile à faire!! bisoussss

  13. I think there are worldwide trends that affect all blogs. I had a LOT of extra traffic in January, down in Feb, up in March, then down again in April. I've had other bloggers report similar patterns, so it might just be the reading pattern based on holidays like Xmas and Easter. Anyway, don't be discouraged - there are still lots of us who enjoy your adventures!

  14. Echt schitterende collages!

  15. weer een mooie afsluiter van de maand Filip. Heel leuk dat je dit doet.
    Lieve groetjes Dietmut

  16. some fantastic collages again! happy to have made it in top5 this month-YEAHHH:-)