Monday, 1 October 2012

Top commentators on our blog during September 2012

During September, we wrote 31 articles about 5 different countries: Austria, Germany, Russia, Sweden and The Netherlands. We try to keep our blog interesting and cover many countries all over the world. All places we write about, we have also visited. The volume of readers this month was the same as last month, just above 15.000 page views.

Thank you to all readers and for writing comments on our articles. A special thanks to Lies who commented 31 times on our blog this month. In September, we had 510 comments from 94 different readers. Below you find the list of the top 15 commentators with a link to their blog. We hope they receive a few more followers via this way.

Gedurende september hebben we 31 artikelen geschreven over 5 verschillende landen: Oostenrijk, Duitsland, Rusland, Zweden en Nederland. We proberen onze blog zo interessant mogelijk te houden en schrijven over vele landen wereldwijd. Alle plaatsen hebben we dan ook zelf bezocht. Het aantal lezers is deze maand stabiel, juist boven de 15.000 hits. 

Hartelijk dank aan onze lezers en voor het schrijven van commentaren op onze publicaties. Een speciaal dankwoord gaat uit naar Lies die deze maand 31 keer op onze blog schreef. In september kregen we 510 commentaren van 94 verschillende lezers. Hieronder vind je de lijst van de Top 15 commentators met een link naar hun blog. We hopen dat ze hierdoor meer volgers krijgen. 

Link to the blogs of our most actieve readers of September 2012:

Nr. 1. - 31 comments - Lies
Nr. 2. - 29 comments - dith
Nr. 3. - 23 comments - mijnnikonenik
Nr. 4. - 18 comments - avcr8teur
Nr. 5. - 17 comments - Red Nomad Oz
Nr. 6. - 16 comments - fotorantje 
Nr. 6. - 16 comments - Jana
Nr. 6.-  16 comments - Karen S.
Nr. 9.-  15 comments - Laviolette
Nr.10.- 14 comments - Cezar and Leia
Nr.10.- 14 comments - diane b
Nr.10.- 14 comments - Emillie's daughter 
Nr.10.- 14 comments - orvokki
Nr.10.- 14 comments - The Yum List
Nr.15.- 13 comments - LindyLouMac in Italy
Nr.15.- 13 comments - Rosemary

We end our article with a collage of pictures we published this month.
We eindigen ons artikel met een collage van foto’s die we deze maand hebben gepubliceerd.

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  1. We enjoy you both, and the wonders you share so well

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Wishing YOU a super week
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Keep up the good work on your travel stories.

  3. I think that it's phenomenal you get to travel so much. I'm glad you post about where you've been and include photos, it gives me an idea as to what the world is like and about where I'd like to travel.

    Back when I started blogging in 2009 it had always been a dream of mine to visit Australia, I was fortunate and connected with fellow bloggers from there and this year my studies took me to this amazing country for 4 1/2 months. I was fortunate enough to be able to meet two of the ladies I had met through this site. It was so awesome! Who knows where our journies take us in life.

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Well done for writing this great blog, every day.

  5. Woo hoo, I'm on your list again. ! :-) Love seeing your travel pics, but making miss that region quite a bit.

  6. dank je wel Filip, het is ook altijd leuk jouw blog en jullie doen en laten te volgen. Een fijne, zonnige en swingende week wens ik jullie, groetjes Dietmut

  7. Je logjes zijn het waard, Filip !

  8. thanks for the links and colourful collages!

  9. Dank voor de links en ik kom graag kijken!

  10. ik weet niet waar eerst kijken..

    prachtige collages Filip..


  11. 31 articles for a month, wow! congratulations! you have very interesting blog! I very like to do virtual travels with you! greatings :)

  12. Super mooie collage Filip.
    Dat is nagenieten.


  13. bedankt voor de link

    er valt hier dan ook veel te beleven met prchtige foto's

  14. I Like the collage, Filip!

  15. Your travels and your pictures are always most impressive :^)

  16. Love all your photos, I miss travelling so much nowadays. Good to travel through your eyes. Have a great week Diane

  17. leuk dat je even bij mij langs kwam Filip en wat een mooi blog hebben jullie!

  18. Excellent collage Filip, such a good way to recap the previous month's posts.

  19. Love the shots on your mosaic! Looks as if I need to do some catch up again on your travels and wonderful photos

  20. These are beautiful images with have a ultimate look.
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  21. It's always a pleasure to read about places so different to downunder in OZ!

  22. Thanks for the mention it is appreciated, I always enjoy calling by your blog to catch up on your travels.