Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Old Box: The one eyed cowboy from Belgium in 1978

In our Old Box series we go back in time for family and friends. On this picture you can see Filip, we guess at the age of 8, in 1978. This is about 35 years ago. Playing a one eyed cowboy in those days was still acceptable. If an 8 year old boy in 2013 would dress up like that, friends and family would be worried. Don’t forget, in those days we did not have computers, Playstations, Gameboys, Nintendo’s or X-Boxes.

In onze Oude Doos reeks gaan we terug in de tijd voor de familie en vrienden. Op deze foto zie je Filip, we denken op 8 jarige leeftijd in 1978. Dit is ongeveer 35 jaar geleden. De eenogige cowboy spelen was toen nog aanvaardbaar. Als een 8 jarige jongen nu zich zo zou verkleden, zouden vrienden en familie zich ongerust maken. Vergeet niet, in die tijd hadden we nog geen computers, Playstations, Gameboys, Nintendo’s of X-Boxes. 

One eyed cowboy

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  1. great discovery from the old archive! these finds are the best....love your game+costume....

  2. leuke foto's toch hé, die foto's 'uit de oude doos'! toen was zeerover, cowboy, indiaan, bandietje.... spelen nog onschuldig...
    Gelukkig had Filip toen geen lange baard ;-)
    groetjes, Hilde

  3. SO cute!! And you were so very serious! You look to me like a cowboy pirate!

  4. Too funny! Looking very serious. :-)

  5. You look neat! Life was very different back then :)

  6. Hi Filip, I presume you miss the good old days....Those were the days where there is no computer and games console, if today without computer and internet we are like leading a cave men life. LOL

    Have a nice day.

  7. Wow, seems you're a quite brave cowboy mixed with some pirate :)
    Lovely picture and that time was good too. Nice memories.

  8. uit de oude doos en eigenlijk voor de familie, maar ik zie deze lieve oude foto's ook heel graag. Bedankt Filip. Slaap lekker voor straks, Dietmut

  9. Fantastic photos, interesting views:) Greetings

  10. Nice.. !
    I also don't see here the little boys dressing in "carneval-dressing" when the are playings, shade.

  11. zo leuk, toen zagen we zeker geen kwaad in soldaatje spelen, of cowboy en indiaan
    meestal was ik de cowboy :-)