Sunday, 13 February 2011

BDSF Ballroom competition in Ham, Belgium

This was our first BDSF (Belgium Dance sport Federation) competition since more than two years. We knew that these competitions always have a low number of participants and it was also the case this time. In our class, the CD adults, there were only two couples. We and Joeri Van der Veken & Banckaert Nina. Joeri and Nina won all ten dances, so we have to admit they were the better couple. We get 7 first places out of a possible 50. We will meet each other again in Hasselt in a few weeks time. We hope to improve our scores against them in that competition. Evaluating our own performance, we danced well and it was a good training. We are certainly not disappointed.

Na twee jaar was dit onze eerste BDSF (Belgische Danssport Federatie) competitie. We wisten dat deze wedstrijden weinig deelnemers hebben en dit was nu ook het geval. In onze klasse, de CD adults, waren we slechts met twee paren. Wijzelf en Joeri Van der Veken & Banckaert Nina. Joeri en Nina hebben alle tien dansen gewonnen en waren overtuigend beter dan ons. We kregen wel 7 eerste plaatsen op de totaal van 50. We gaan elkaar terug ontmoeten in Hasselt binnen enkele weken. We hopen dat we dan onze score tegen hen kunnen verbeteren. Uit onze zelfevaluatie concluderen we dat we goed gedanst hebben en het was een goede training. We zijn zeker niet ontgoochelt.

Filip Demuinck Kristel Pardon
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  1. hi Filip!

    This is Nim and Im so jealous of your posted pictures. Ever since I already want to dance and always so up to learn ballroom. I hope you can suggest me some school dance(preferably not too expensive classes). I love dancing and its already my way of exercise and healthy living.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Pls dont hesitate to email if you can.

    Best regards,

  2. If you send me a mail with your location, I will check if I can recommend something. My mail is

  3. Hi Filip,

    Thanks for dropping by to my blog. Belgium is a nice place :)