Sunday, 1 May 2011

Our Golden Retriever Tessa is a bit wild

It's play time again. Tessa a Golden Retirever pup of 6 months old is having fun with Tommie, a Shi Tzu of 5 years old. She is jumping from the left to the right on the couch.

Het is terug speeltijd. Tessa onze 6 maanden oude Golden Retriever is aan het spelen met Tommie, een 5 jarige Shi Tzu. Ze springt van recht naar links op onze zetel.

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  1. It0s fun because they are playmates of each other...


  2. So cute! I've been always wanting to get a dog to be my pet here in the UAE but it is difficult to find one and there are a lot of technicalities that I need to follow before acquiring one.

    By the way, Can I ask you a favor? My blog's URL is would you mind updating it on your blog list? Thank you so much.