Saturday, 14 April 2012

A late video of Holland Dans Spektakel, Cuijk

Thanks to Willem and Kristel Foppen, we have received a new video of our dance competition of last week. On this video all other couples are also clearly visible in the first round of the B-class. Tomorrow we are competing in Steenwijk in the Swinging World trophy.

Dankzij Willem en Kristel Foppen, hebben we nog een video opname van onze competitie van vorige week gekregen. Op deze video zijn de andere paren ook duidelijk in beeld gedurende de eerste ronde van de standaard B-klasse. Morgen doen we mee in de competitie te Steenwijk, de Swinging World trophy.

Video first round B-Class - Holland dans spektakel - Cuijk

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  1. Ik wens jullie veel succes morgen in Steenwijk..
    zet hem op...
    Mooie film trouwens...stijlvol..


  2. Beautiful dancing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you good luck tommorow.

  3. Veel succes gewenst.

    Groet, Joop

  4. 'k Duim voor morgen, voor jullie ! Succes !

  5. Your frend makes a good video!
    And you can be proud of your dancing, it looks so beautifull.

    Good luck to you for tomorrow.

  6. Que c'est beau!!! et je vous souhaite plein de succès demain!!! bisous

  7. You both look great. So tall and graceful and Kristel has a beautiful dress. I know nothing about ballroom dancing but your footwork looks great to me. Good luck tomorrow.

  8. I think i saw a young couple (seems like teenagers), no age groups? How can the judges evaluate when everyone is in the floor dancing at the same time? The postures of the dancers really good, i think they are quite athletic to dance in such postures!

  9. The audience is very vocal and enthusiastic, does that distract you? I still don't know how you can make so many of those fast spins and not get dizzy. Wonderful dancing!!!

  10. Dank je wel voor deze prachtige kiekjes..
    Veel en veel succes.

  11. weer een klasse video met klasse prestaties!!! Groetjes,Dietmut

  12. I really enjoyed watching your video and especially the last Foxtrot. Such a wonderful passion and interesting lifestyle; you play together and exercise together in such a delightful way. What is your favourite dance?

  13. this is such a a beautiful dance! And kristel looks just stunning in that gorgeous dress! Thanks so much for sharing! Best to you, Jeanne