Monday, 2 April 2012

Our Final and the video of the Championship Class – Limburg Danst 2012

In our Final, we were trying to give more than the than in the first two rounds. The physical effort was a bit exaggerated and this was visible in my facial expression. Something I have to work on for the competition in Cuijck next Easter Monday.

Let’s focus on the video of the Championship class final. Again the level was very high at the Limburg Danst competition in Weert, it was amazing to watch.

In onze finale hebben we geprobeerd meer kracht en beweging te bregen als in de eerste twee ronden. De fysiche inspanning wat overdreven en dit was zichtbaar in mijn gezichtsuitdrukkingen. Iets waar ik moet aan werken voor de competitie van volgende week maandag in Cuijck.

Maar laat ons kijken naar de Hoofdklasse finale. Terug een zeer hoog niveau in de Limburg Danst competitie te Weert, ongelooflijk om te aanschouwen.

This was the result of the Championship Class:
1. Frank Zegels & Ania Shevliakova (206)
2. Ciubotaru Stefan & Vandaele Isolde (215)
3. Wesley van Riel & Wies van Haaren (213)
4. Mohsen Askar & Femke Boonstra (203)
5. Bas Willems & Leonie Borneman (209)
6. Dave de Vos & Naline Roodbeen (202)

Video Hoofdklasse Finale - Limburg Danst 2012

Video of our Final - B-Klasse

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  1. Het moet héél moeilijk zijn om je 'mimiek' aan te passen...

  2. Filip, if I understood correctly you participate in ballroom dances. That is amazing. I only can enjoy watching them. i would never ever would be able to dance these dances. Once I took a class and I gave up it. I still love them so much.

    Beautiful videos!!!

    Hugs from Kaya.

  3. Thank you for the excellent video! I enjoyed watching you both!
    I wonder why so many ballroom dancers have to open their mouths wide? I don't see ballerinas with their mouths open!

  4. It almost looks like you are ice skating, especially in the first video. I would like to know how you can spin so much and so fast and not get dizzy.

  5. So graceful!! I wish I could dance a bit like this if not all.. lol.. Very Nice Moves, Filip!

  6. I am not going to dance in order not to embarrassing myself.

  7. Beautiful dancing, graceful. Well done :)

  8. Mooi hoor, zo heerlijk glijdend over de dansvloer.
    Groetjes, Mirthe

  9. Echt schitterend! Groetjes Cristien.

  10. You are great! On how beautiful are these dances, as it is demanding. You have my admiration.
    Greetings, Carmen

  11. Beautiful dancing!
    Love to watch you both dancing.
    Good luck with your next competition.

  12. Whoops - hope my unfinished last comment didn't go through! I liked the second and fourth dances on the second video - such fancy footwear. It's graceful dancing, but I can see it's quite physical, too. (I'll have to put you on a running regime!)

  13. wow how cool!You both are very talented!
    Léia :)

  14. Marvelous! You are a stunning couple! These videos are so beautiful!

  15. I wish I could dance as you and Kristel do! You are a lovely couple on the dance floor!

  16. Een heerlijk finale Filip. Inderdaad een klein glimlachje op je gezicht zou niet slecht staan. Groetjes ook aan Kristel, Dietmut